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"Now, with the help of GeoQuote, agents of Telarus will be able to discern where our services are available without putting a strain on our human resources. It's a win-win for everyone involved."

Dan Sterling
VP of Indirect Sales
Nuvox Communications

Telarus Adds Nuvox to

Screen shot of the GeoQuote Ethernet look up tool as seen by a Telarus agent. Using a graphical interface provided by Google maps, agents can see exactly where Nuvox Lit Buildings are located - vastly reducing the research time required to provide quotes to prospective clients.
DRAPER, Utah - October 17, 2007 - Telarus, Inc., premier telecom master agent and creator today announced the addition of Nuvox Communications to its GeoQuote real-time ethernet locator tool. Located online on this web site, GeoQuote makes it possible for registered users to determine the location of lit buildings of telecommunication carriers who offer fast (100 mbps to 1 gbps) ethernet broadband services. NuVox is one of the nation's leading CLECs offering commercial voice and data service to businesses throughout the southeast, gulf coast, eastern seaboard, and midwest markets.

"As a premier master agent of NuVox, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to increase sales," commented Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. "The addition of NuVox's EtherLoop service to GeoQuote will bring greater exposure to their metro ethernet offering. Our agents are excited to uncover ethernet opportunities throughout NuVox's footprint."

Finding the geographic location of "lit" buildings is the first step for people interested in metro ethernet services. Without access to a tool like Telarus' GeoQuote, customers and agents must perform manual research by contacting carriers directly. This "hit and miss" approach is very time consuming for both the prospective customer and carrier alike. GeoQuote's ethernet lookup tool eliminates this guesswork by showing lit buildings as markers overlaid on an interactive map provided by Google.

"NuVox Communications is pleased to work with Telarus, Inc. and to be included in," added Dan Sterling, VP of Indirect Sales for NuVox Communications. "We have invested heavily in upgrading our network so that we can offer businesses ethernet connectivity. Now, with the help of GeoQuote, agents of Telarus will be able to discern where our services are available without putting a strain on our human resources. It's a win-win for everyone involved."

Telarus became a master agent of NuVox Communications in 2006, following the merger of NuVox and NewSouth Communications. NuVox recently acquired FDN Communications, making it the preeminent CLEC in the Southeast.

"Since becoming a NuVox dealer in 2006 we have had great success selling their core line of SMB voice and data services," commented Lance Akins, VP of Sales for Telarus. "The addition of the newly expanded NuVox footprint to our ethernet tool will allow our agents to branch out and sell upstream, which is the company's main objective. Metro Ethernet customers are much less likely to churn than a traditional DS1 customer, helping us grow our NuVox business knowing sales aren't falling off the back."

Infonetics Research has predicted that the world market for metro ethernet service will grow to $25 billion by the year 2010. With the development of software such as the GeoQuote ethernet lookup tool, Telarus hopes to become the leader in retail ethernet sales.

"We appreciate NuVox's desire to work with us on this project," added Andrew Morgan, VP of Web Development for Telarus. "Having NuVox EtherLoop in our mapping system makes our tool that much more valuable to its users."

About Telarus

Telarus is a premier master agency whose goal is to make agents more successful than they can be on their own or with any other master agency. Telarus provides agent tools, automation, and superior support in an atmosphere of cooperation and ethical community. One example of the tools Telarus provides its agents is real-time voice and data price quoting through its patent-pending GeoQuote technology. GeoQuote makes it possible for business shoppers to access instant pricing and availability information for over 30 broadband data and voice service providers which include ACC Business, AireSpring, AT&T, Cavalier, Covad, Level3, MegaPath, Network Innovations, NewEdge Networks, Nuvox, PAETEC, One Communications, PowerNet Global, Qwest, TelePacific, Telnes, Time Warner Telecom, UCN, and XO Communications.

If you are interested in selling Ethernet services through XO, Level3, Telnes, Cavalier, Time Warner Telecom, and more using the GeoQuote Ethernet plotting tool, please contact Thomas Hernandez at (888) 806-5459 for further information. All press inquiries should be directed to Patrick Oborn at (801) 938-3701.